Design kudos for the
Yale School of Music website

As you know, I've been designing for the Yale School of Music for the last six years and have led many new media initiatives there. This fall we launched the new website, which was a collaboration with Madison Mott, based in Westport. With their advice about user flows, personas, and content strategy, I designed new page types to encourage more interaction and more focused content for specific users. Their team then developed those pages and implemented the design in Wordpress. It was great to work w/ them and this is the article they posted about the collaboration.

From their blog:

"We started in June of 2011 with key stakeholder interviews: students, alumni, faculty, and various constituents. We then converted the findings into personas and use cases meant to drive relevant information architecture, flows and wireframes. We balanced the best practices of platform development with the nuances of musical and technological innovation, and a strategic approach to scalable architecture.

For this project, we passed the design baton to the incredibly talented in-house designer at YSM, Monica Ong Reed, whose skills as a creative are second only to her charm as a human being. The same can be said for the entire YSM Communications team, all virtuosos in their own right (Dana Astmann, Austin Kase, and their fearless leader Michael Yaffe, among others), proving that assembling the right team is key to garnering that standing ovation."

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