Body Maps: Opening May 10

I'm pleased that the piece "Elegy" will also be included in an literary and art exhibition entitled Body Maps, curated by Margaret Rhee.

Opening Reception

Thursday, May 10 - 6:00 pm
Performance 7pm- 8:30pm
$5-$15 sliding scale

Proceeds will benefit partnering organization Bantei Srei and AAWAA.

La Pena Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705

Exhibition Statement: Body Maps

Our bodies. Ourselves. Her Asian American body is a historical, political, and emotional site where difference, identity, and freedom are mapped. Our digital age presents a plethora of racialized imagery of her Asian American Body. How to begin? The intergenerational poets and artists of "Body Maps" respond, reclaim, and remap her Asian American body through feminist interventions. "Body Maps" is a feminist exploration, poetic celebration, cartographic journey, in which, we invite you to join us.

Presenting Artists:

* Jai Arun Ravine
* Bonnie Kwong
* Barbara Jane Reyes
* Leah Lakshimi Piepzna-Samarasinha
* Jean Vengua
* Celeste Chan and JDX
* Debbie Yee
* Monica Ong
* Rona Luo
* Kim Tran
* HaeTae and Margaret Rhee